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24 September 2017 00:18 Post ID: #111701
Fantasy Football Champion 08/09
Now, I like Magnay. But as soon as I click on the official site there is a photo of Carl Magnay with the caption 'it was an off day'.

Good teams are consistent and they don't have off days that's how they become successful.

Me I'm in the front line five days a week, not one. I can't afford to have an 'off day' cos it impacts on the other four. Then the two I'm supposed to have off, I don't really have off as i'm playing catch up cos of the one 'off day'.

Let's stop making excuses and start making a difference eh?
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24 September 2017 21:45 Post ID: #111702 - in reply to #111701
Simon Walton
I had the misfortune to return to the Vic yesterday after a lengthy absence, partly enforced partly because I simply don't have the appetite any more. First half there was nothing in it, Pools had more possession but Eastleigh looked more likely to score. Harrison then seemingly fcuked up badly with his half time talk as the side strolled back looking less than motivated, never switched on and were deservedly punished by Eastliegh who had obviously had their backsides ripped out.

We were soon 2-0 down thanks to more inept defending right across the back four despite Harrison attempting to blame the admittedly shyte 'centre backs' 'Lana' Lang (WTF was Harrison thinking of when signing this clown?) and Donnelly who in my view epitomises everything that is wrong with HUFC at present i.e. he is talentless, lazy individual, lacking motivation and most of the time looks completely disinterested. Captain Marvel Magnay wasn't much better and the less said about Deverdics the better. If Dover come a sniffing again he should be put on the next train south.

The remainder of the game was a firkin embarrassment, Pools were nothing more than a dishevelled rabble with most of the players spending their time hiding from the ball. Simpson replaced Oates but what he brings to the table in height is negated by his distinctive snails pace - and for completely missing the target from the 1:1 position that he somehow found himself in he wanted shooting in the words of the late great Brian Clough. Jon Franks was never in the game, playing so wide he was often on the blind side of the linesman - when he did manage to secure possession his delivery was utter pants, although nowhere near as bad as Deverdics' on the left.

I thought young Rodney did OK overall, along with Loach he was the only Pools player to emerge with any credit but he really should have done better with several half-chances and one golden chance that he fired straight at the keeper. I didnt see Mumms late consolation as I had long since fcuked off in disgust by then.

Billy2dogs is correct, this was much more than a bad day at the office, Pools were absolute rank 2nd half and if Harrison attempts to take any positives then he is an even bigger fool than I believe he is. He needs to address the centre-back crisis ASAP and also secure a decent striker from somewhere or other otherwise this poor, poor side will quickly and deservedly slip back into the bottom four on the strength of this rotten performance. How the fcuk they managed to go 5 games unbeaten simply beggars belief - it cant all have been down to Watson surely?

Whilst I personally wont be revisiting the Vic for some time there can be no doubt that the owners and loyal fans (biggest crowd of the day in the Bananarama League at the Vic yesterday) deserve much, much better than this shambles.
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25 September 2017 11:34 Post ID: #111703 - in reply to #111702
Luke James
Smokin Joe - 24/9/2017 21:45

........................... the owners and loyal fans (biggest crowd of the day in the Bananarama League at the Vic yesterday) deserve much, much better than this shambles.

Quite right Joe. Something like 4 wins and a draw.
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25 September 2017 23:08 Post ID: #111704 - in reply to #111701
Simon Walton
Agreed BS but that little run is now consigned to the history books - what matters now is how Harrison reacts to this setback. The side had seemingly (and on Saturday's display, astonishingly) built up some momentum giving some fans hopes of a play-off challenge at least with that unbeaten run. However nothing that I witnessed on Saturday has swayed me from my opinion that the current squad is littered with no-hopers even at this level together with the obligatory selection of sick notes and parasites. Hopefully Harrison will get his finger out this week and introduce some quality in the key positions of centre forward and centre back as he should have done pre-season - or maybe not so readily allowing Amond to leave in respect of the former. Time alone will tell but it looks like being a low value return on my ST investment at present.
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